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For the most comprehensive list of internships, check out the Career Center’s Internships Page.

While college courses and classes are a valuable way to learn, nothing beats hands-on, on the job learning for teaching you what you would be doing in that particular career.

As an honors student striving to get the most out of your time at UCR, internships are a valuable way to receive experience, college credit, and professional connections.

Academic Internships

The Career Center provides direction on how students can earn academic credit for participating in internships, but the credit is offered through the student's own college department, and not through the career center.

UC Washington Academic Internship Program: The UC Washington Academic Internship Program offers qualified undergraduate students from any major an exciting opportunity to combine course work, field research and work experience during a quarter's residence in our nation's capital.

While in Washington, students live in a residential college with approximately 250 students from nine University of California campuses Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Merced, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz and Riverside. The UC Washington Center includes student apartments, classrooms, computer facilities, and meeting spaces and is located in central Washington, D.C.

University of California Center Sacramento: The University of California Center Sacramento advances the University's mission of teaching, research and public service with an integrated program to train future state leaders, to address challenging public-policy issues confronted by the nation and state, and to carry out the University's mandate to assist state government.

External Internship Opportunities

Disney College Program: A comprehensive program that puts you in a paid position while training you in the business aspect of the Disney corporation.

Inroads: A program that connects minority students with business and industry paid internships to prepare them for corporate and community leadership.

Smithsonian Internships: An opportunity to work with the Smithsonian Institution, whether in the museums or in the research institutes.

Student Conservation Association: An internship resource that lists all applicable internships for protection and restoration of national parks, marine sanctuaries, cultural landmarks and community green spaces.

Interested in getting more involved?

Internships and Jobs
Being an honors student gives you an extra edge for finding an internship in many of the local businesses. Honors also gives you an added boost to find the one that fits you the best.

Research is one of the cornerstones of UCR, and as an honors student, you have extra opportunities to get involved.

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