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PBK Faculty at UC Riverside

Listed below are the UCR Faculty who are members of PBK.  Students interested in joining this Honor Society are encouraged to reach out to the faculty to discuss the benefits of joining this prestigious honor society and how to prepare their academic profile to be eligible for nomination for induction.

FacultyUCR Home Dept.
Sara Aschmann Air Pollution Research Center
Wendy Ashmore Anthropology
Christine Gailey Anthropology
Miriam Ziegler Biochemistry
Julia G Lyubovitsky Bioengineering
Leah Haimo Biology
Mary Price Biology
Anthony E Hall Botany & Plant Sciences
Norman Ellstrand Botany & Plant Sciences
Darleen DeMason Botany and Plant Sciences
Jodie Holt Botany and Plant Sciences
William Carter CE-Cert
Manuela Martins-Green Cell Biology & Neuroscience
Greg Beran Chemistry
Len Mueller Chemistry
Michael C Pirrung Chemistry
James Millard Burnette CNAS Dean's Office
Eugene Perry Link Comp Lit & Foreign Languages
Heidi Brevik-Zender Comp Lit & Foreign Languages
John N. Kim Comp Lit & Foreign Languages
Jules Levin Comp Lit & Foreign Languages
Kelle Truby Comp Lit & Foreign Languages
Mariam Lam Comp Lit & Foreign Languages
George Slusser Comparative Literature
Christian Shelton Computer Science and Engineering
Linda J Tomko Dance
David Malueg Economics
Mason Gaffney Economics
Mindy Marks Economics
Richard Sutch Economics
Steven Helfand Economics
Adriana Craciun English
Andrea Denny-Brown English
Jennifer Doyle English
Erica Edwards English
John Ganim English
Joseph Childers English
Steven Axelrod English
Susan Zieger English
Weihsin Gui English
Charles Farrar Entomology
Michael Adams Entomology
Richard A. Redak Entomology
William Walton Entomology
Paul J Ziemann Environmental Sciences
Linda Scott Hendrick Graduate School of Education
Raymond Williams Hispanic Studies
William Megenney Hispanic Studies
Carlos E. Cortes History
Catherine Allgor History
Dana Simmons History
Lynda Bell History
Michelle Salzman History
Robert Patch History
Jason Weems History of Art
Fred Wilhelm Mathematics
Louis Ratliff Mathematics
William Schmechel Office of Research
Carl Cranor Philosophy
David Glidden Philosophy
John Martin Fischer Philosophy
Bill Gary Physics
Douglas MacLaughlin Physics
Harry Tom Physics
Peter Kaus Physics
Robert Clare Physics
Farah Godrej Political Science
Christine Chiarello Psychology
David Funder Psychology
Glenn Stanley Psychology
Robert Rosenthal Psychology
Robin DiMatteo Psychology
Sonja Lyubomirsky Psychology
Tuppett Yates Psychology
Douglas M. Parrott Religious Studies
Michael Alexander Religious Studies
Sherri Franks Johnson Religious Studies
Vivian-Lee Nyitray Religious Studies
Kazi Mamun School of Business Administration
Rami Zwick School of Business Administration
Marsha Ing School of Education
Rollanda Estby O'Connor School of Education
Raymond Russell Sociology
Robert-Nash Parker Sociology
Steven Brint Sociology
Barbara Beaver Statistics
Erith Jaffe-Berg Theatre
Robin Russin Theatre
Kenneth Furuta University Library
Marguerite Waller Women's Studies

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