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 About University Honors:

University Honors is designed for students who have shown, through their own high achievement, they value intellectual challenges and want to be a part of an innovative, diverse, and stimulating learning community. Through its three pillars of excellence: Creativity and Innovation, Culture of Contribution, and Diversity and Global Citizenship, University Honors promotes scholarship, engagement, and student success.

University Honors is a tight-knit community of scholars, within a large research university setting, where you will connect with other students, faculty, and staff, and create what many honors students call their “second family.” The four-year program will encourage you and other well-prepared and motivated students to excel within our stimulating academic environment and take an active role in maximizing your education. You will participate in a rich, multi-faceted curriculum; the seminars, courses, and projects are designed to introduce you to, and guide you through, the challenges and rewards of scholarship and research. Honors courses are small in size, allowing you to have personal interaction with enthusiastic and innovative faculty. Programming also links your classroom learning to larger social issues through student volunteer efforts that better our communities. All University Honors students conduct faculty-mentored, undergraduate research, in a discipline of their choice, which culminates in a capstone project.


Unique Seminars and Interdisciplinary Courses

As a University Honors student, you will be provided with the opportunity to enroll in Honors courses taught by student-centered faculty members who are involved in cutting-edge research and scholarship. These courses and/or sections are generally capped at 15 to 20 students, so you will get to know faculty on a one-on-one basis and delve more deeply into the material being presented. These interactions will not only advance your critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills, but will allow you to build intellectual and social connections with others in the honors community.

Faculty-Mentored Research and Capstone Project

In your third year, you will participate in a series of courses and experiences that will prepare you for your undergraduate research and capstone project. You will learn how to interact with faculty members and select your faculty-mentor, conceive and design a project plan, and also hone research and writing skills that you will use in completing the project during your fourth year in University Honors. 

Personal Growth and Community Engagement

Each year, you will participate in University Honors activities that are carefully designed to help you learn more about yourself and how you can make a difference in the world around you. University Honors will encourage you to branch out beyond academic learning to become a well-rounded, active learner who raises creative and relevant questions, identifies substantive goals, and considers options and practical strategies for increasing your own introspection. Campus involvement, service learning, and personal reflection activities add to this process of becoming an educated person and the owner of an independent, critical mind.

Living-Learning Communities

You may choose to live on-campus in residences with other Honors students. During your first and second year, you can live on the Honors floors Pentland Hills  and Glen Mor residence halls. There are suite and apartment options for your upper division years on campus. In these living-learning communities, you will have opportunities to participate in special academic, personal, and social enrichment activities. In each residence hall, the Honors Faculty-in-Residence program provides living quarters for UCR faculty members, who, in turn, spend time with Honors students in collaborative programs.

Research and Internship Opportunities

The Honors faculty and staff will encourage you to get involved in faculty-mentored research and seek out internship opportunities, even before your capstone project begins. They will work one-on-one with you to help identify research and internship opportunities both on and off campus. Fellowship funding is available to support student research, education abroad, and participation in UC-Washington DC and UC-Sacramento internship programs.

Informal Faculty Interaction

Scholarly programs and Honors faculty office hours will provide opportunities for you to interact with faculty outside of the formal classroom setting. Honors faculty have a wealth of knowledge they are passionate about sharing with you. Meaningful relationships with faculty often lead to counsel and assistance as you consider advanced degrees and prepare for graduate and professional school.

Personalized Counseling and Advising

Honors professional staff members play a pivotal role in students reaching their personal growth goals, and in the overall well-being of individual Honors students. Working closely with you, your academic advisor, and a network of resources, staff members will help you explore your options about majors, career goals, and scholarships, as well as your transition from routine high school study to the independence of university life and academics.

Awards and Fellowships

Honors faculty and staff will help to groom you for the application process for prestigious awards. They will encourage you to develop portfolios that strongly position you for competitive local, national, and international academic and leadership fellowships and awards.

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