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Jeremy Tran

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Alumni Profile

Jeremy Tran

Jeremy TranJeremy obtained his BS and MS degree in Electrical Engineering and went on to Pendrell at El Segundo. He spent his time at UCR being involved with Beta Phi Delta, which fed his interest in community service. He spent 4 years in the department of Electrical Engineering's Laboratory for Terascale and Terahertz Electronics studying the electronic properties of carbon nanotubes and learning from Dr. Roger Lake as he developed his experience in academic research.

He has gone on to Pendrell in El Segundo and has learned that networking is valuable.

Jeremy looks back at his time with University Honors and at UCR knowing that he learned a substantial amount about himself and will continue to learn and grow in the future.

1) Are there specific elements of your time in Honors that you remember and are the highlights of your time as a student? Are there specific skills you honed or obtained while a student in honors that serves you well as an Alum?

I remember most the times of being with my peer mentor as well as being a peer mentor myself, and the many interactions with other fellow Honors students. I think the additional requirements that forced me as a student to go beyond showing up to class helped develop my social skills and taught me how to interact professionally.

2) What accomplishments are you proud of after having graduated from UCR? Are there specific goals or a projection your career or life is currently taking that you'd like to share?

After finishing my bachelor's I continued and completed a master's degree. Currently my work place is moving to Texas so potentially I'll explore more of the country and have new experiences.

3) If applicable, how have you given back to your campus since becoming an Alum?

I continue to participate in community service events with Beta Phi Delta, which includes various events such as painting the C.

4) what advice do you give current undergraduates as they get ready to become an Alum?

Work can be awesome; if you don't find it tolerable you should start looking for another job.

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