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Nomination Call for 2014-2015

Each year University Honors invites students to nominate faculty for two awards: Professor of the Year and Faculty Mentor of the Year. We ask you to consider nominating a faculty member for one of the awards based on the criteria listed below.

Professor of the Year (nominated by any University Honors Student) 
Nominate a professor you’ve taken a course with or interacted with in some way around academics for the distinction of Professor of the Year. Be prepared to give a brief description of why you feel this Professor should be awarded.

Faculty Mentor of the Year (nominated by 3rd & 4th year University Honors students)
Two outstanding faculty thesis mentors are recognized who have made an impact on you academically and professionally. Be prepared to provide examples of how this nominee has supported and guided you through your research and professional development. This award will be solely selected based on student nominations, thus your opinion matters. Be sure to provide strong examples of how this faculty member has helped you.

Note: This award is restricted to Honors Students who are conducting a thesis/project with Honors.

Nominations are open in late Winter quarter.  Honors students should check their email at that time for more information.

If you have any questions, please email

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