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University Honors Laptop Program

University Honors provides 20 laptops for student use in the University Honors suite, 381 Surge. Laptops are available for student and instructional use. Below are the University Honors Laptop policies and guidelines that students will agree to when borrowing a laptop. 


  •  Laptops may be checked out on a first come-first serve basis from the front desk Monday through Friday. Laptop checkout begins at 8:15am following opening and at 1:15pm following the lunch closure (12:00-1:00pm). Laptops must be returned by 11:45am before the lunch closure and by 4:30pm before closing.
  • Students must leave their UCR Student ID card with the UH front desk staff when checking out a laptop.
  • The check-out period is up to 2 hours within laptop check-out hours. Laptops may be renewed for an additional 2 hours if there are no other users waiting.
  • Laptops are for use inside the University Honors suite only.
  • Aside from the Honors lounge, students may use the computer room to do work on Monday through Friday from 8am – 12:00pm, and 1:00pm - 5:00pm, unless the room is being used for meetings and/or classes. 
  • Students take full responsibility for the care of the laptops they check out. In order to ensure laptop safety:
    • Do not leave laptops unattended.
    • Do not eat or drink while using the laptops.
    • Do not open or dismantle the laptop.
  • Closing the laptop will lock the system. Please see the Honors Staff to unlock the laptop.
  • Internet searching is restricted to academic work and must comply with the UC Riverside and University of California Electronic Communications Policies and Guidelines ( ) and all other applicable State or Federal laws pertaining to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ( ) and contractual agreements.
  • Laptops are loaded with useful software.
    • Laptops 1-10 contain the following software:
    • Windows 7 Pro
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader
    • Internet Explorer
    • Microsoft Access 2013
    • Microsoft Excel 2013
    • Microsoft InfoPath 2013
    • Microsoft OneNote 2013
    • Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
    • Microsoft Publisher 2013
    • Microsoft Word 2013
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • QuickTime
    • Real Alternative
    • WinSCP
    • Power DVD
    • WiDi
    • Laptops 11-20 contain the software above in addition to:
      • Adobe Creative Suite CS6
      • Photoshop
      • Illustrator
      • Indesign
      • Adobe Acrobat Professional X
    • If there is a software preference, it should be indicated when checking out a laptop.

Saving and Printing Files

  • Printing is networked. Documents will be printed by the printer located in Honors.
  • The printing limit is 10 pages per day per person. Students who abuse this policy will lose printing privileges.
  • Honors houses one desktop computer that is designated for quick printing and scanning.
  • You should not save any files on the laptop hard drives, and you should always double check that all of your files/data have been deleted from the laptop before returning the laptop.
  • To save your work, use a USB key/flash drive. Save your data often.
  • Honors is not responsible for any lost documents or data saved to the hard drive.

Laptop Damage Rate Chart

The following chart outlines some common damages and their corresponding charges. General wear-and-tear kinds of deterioration will not be charged to the user, only damages incurred from negligence or abuse. Damage costs will be discussed with the student/user prior to charging his or her account. Please report problems with the laptop or peripherals to the University Honors front desk immediately upon discovery.
DamageCharge to User
Failure to return. Approximately $1300 based on current market cost.
Intentional vandalism (i.e. scratching or inking text or pictures or other malicious damage). Approximately $1300 based on current market cost.
Heavily damaged. $950 - $1300 based on severity.
Display hinge broken or inoperable. $200 - $500 based on severity.
Major dents, cracks or scratches that impair operation. $200 - $500 based on severity.
Missing/broken parts. $50 - $500 based on severity.

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