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The University of California, Riverside combines the resources of a research university with the tradition of a small liberal arts college. University Honors provides students with a living and learning community of bright scholars, caring advisers and enthusiastic professors. Our program has a long history dating back to 1988 when it was established through a major grant from the Ford Foundation. 

University Honors encourages well prepared and highly motivated students to excel in this challenging academic environment. University Honors also stresses the concept of "service-learning," a crucial element of the program. The Honors curriculum provides students special seminars, projects, and classes designed to introduce them to the challenges and rewards of scholarship and research. With fewer students than most introductory classes, these honors course intensify the students' contact with some of the most enthusiastic and innovative faculty members at UCR.  In addition the program builds on the foundation of close student-faculty relationships to support students in pursuing their academic interests by producing substantial honor theses or projects under the supervision of faculty advisors.

Through curricular and developmental programing, faculty mentorship, and exposure to vast educational opportunities   Honors encourages students to take an active role in shaping their education.

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