University Honors is a tight-knit community of scholars, within a large, research-university setting, where students will connect with other students, faculty, and staff. The four-year program encourages well-prepared and motivated students to excel and to take an active role in maximizing their education by engaging with, and taking full advantage of, the array of resources and opportunities University Honors has to offer. 

  • Academic

    Four-Year Learning Community: University Honors students take classes with the other students in their cohort and receive support and resources from University Honors faculty and staff.

    Honors Courses: Honors students have the opportunity to enroll in Honors courses taught by student-centered faculty members, who are involved in cutting-edge research and scholarship. A majority of Honors courses are capped at 15-20 students, giving students a better opportunity to engage and get to know the professor of the course. Students also benefit from the ability to delve more deeply into the material being presented. These interactions advance a students' critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills and also allow them to build intellectual and social connections with others in the Honors community.  Honors courses also provide students with the resources and framework necessary to pursue a capstone project.

    Capstone Development and Completion: University Honors students participate in a series of courses and experiences that prepare them for undergraduate research and the completion of a capstone project. The capstone project can consist of research, creative activity, or experiential activity. Students learn how to interact with faculty and select a faculty member to be their mentor. Students conceive and design a project plan while honing research and writing skills. These projects enable students to take learning outside the classroom and apply critical thought to the topics they are most passionate about. The capstone project experience will differentiate students from other students when applying for graduate school, professional school, and employment.

    Priority Registration: University Honors Students receive priority registration leading to a much better chance of getting into the courses they need and graduating on time.

  • Community

    Honors Student Community: Consisting of just over 800 students on a campus that enrolls more than 26,000 students, University Honors provides the feeling of a small, liberal arts college within a major, research university.

    Living-Learning Community: Students who participate in University Honors have an opportunity to live with other University Honors students, and a faculty-in-residence, in Honors-only communities, in Pentland Hills Residence Hall or the Glen Mor student community, where they receive mentoring, support, programming, and resources.

    Community/Faculty Engagement: As part of the program Honors students are encouraged to participate in University Honors activities designed to help them network with faculty, staff, and their fellow students and access a variety of opportunities and resources related to our three pillars of excellence.  Students are exposed to the wealth of knowledge the faculty possess, including knowledge pertaining to the capstone project, graduate school, and professional school via the various engagement activities that allow students to network with faculty outside the classroom. The activities are carefully designed to help students learn more about themselves and how they can make a difference. They encourage students to branch out beyond academic learning to become well-rounded, active learners who raise creative and relevant questions, identify substantive goals, and consider options and practical strategies for increasing their own introspection. 

    Personalized Counseling: Professional staff members in University Honors play a pivotal role in students reaching their personal, academic, and professional goals. Honors counselors work closely with students, academic advisors, and a network of campus resources to help students explore options about majors, scholarships, and extracurricular activities, as students transition to the independence of university life and academics. University Honors Counselors have smaller caseloads than academic advisors and are able to offer students more frequent and longer counseling appointments to meet their needs.

  • Opportunities and Resources

    Leadership Positions: University Honors offers a variety of competitive leadership positions to our students that provide them with professional development opportunities. Students can participate as Honors Ambassadors, Outreach Leaders, members of the Marketing and Media team, or members of the University Honors Audeamus Editorial Board. All of our leadership positions are compensated with a scholarship. 

    Research and Internship Positions: Honors faculty and staff encourage students to get involved in faculty-mentored research and to pursue internship opportunities. Honors Counselors work one-on-one with students to help identify research and internship opportunities, both on and off campus. Fellowship funding is available to support student research, education abroad, and participation in UC-Washington DC and UC-Sacramento internship programs. Additional opportunities are promoted to students via our counseling appointments, weekly e-mail, and social media.

  • Scholarships

    Awards and Fellowships: Honors faculty and staff prepare students for the application process for prestigious awards by helping them to develop portfolios that strongly position them for competitive local, national, and international academic fellowships and awards.

    University Honors Scholarships: With the exception of the Honors Excellence in Research Scholarship, all other University Honors scholarships require that an application must be submitted by the student. To access the scholarship application for those scholarships that require an application, click here.

    1. Hays Research Scholarship

    Application Deadline: November 19, 2021

    Eligibility: Honors students in good standing, making exemplary progress in HNPG199H, and who are in their last year of University Honors.
    Award Purpose: To assist outstanding Honors students with the cost of their education, as they complete their Honors capstone project. This award cannot be used for lab equipment, art supplies, or other items related to their actual project, due to method of disbursement.
    Award Amount & Distinction: A maximum of up to twelve $1000 awards are available each year. Recipients will also be designated "Howard H Hays, Jr. University Honors Research Scholars."
    Disbursement of Funds:  Winter quarter

    2. Study Abroad, UCDC, or UCCS Participation Scholarship

    Application Deadline: On a rolling basis while funds are available

    Eligibility: Honors students in good standing who have been accepted to a Study Abroad, UCDC, or UCCS opportunity.
    Award Purpose: To support students in their participation in Study Abroad, UCDC, or UCCS.
    Award Amount: Several $1000 scholarships are available.
    Disbursement of Funds: Funds will be disbursed one quarter before the student attends the program.


    3. Student Travel Award for Attendance at Professional Meeting/Conference

    Application Deadline:  On a rolling basis while funds are available

    Eligibility: Honors students in good standing who have been accepted to present their work at a professional meeting/conference.
    Award Purpose: To help defray the cost of travel to professional meetings/conferences.
    Award Amount: Scholarships of up to $500 are available.

    Disbursement of Funds:  Funds will be disbursed during the quarter that the student attends the meeting/conference.
    Contact: Kristine Parada <>

    4. Honors Excellence in Research (HEIR) Scholarship

    Application Deadline: No application required. Honors will use fall HNPG199H course registration to verify eligibility.

    Eligibility: Students in University Honors who satisfactorily complete HNPG150, two quarters of HNPG199H, and possess a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA.
    Award Purpose: To support students engaged in and completing the University Honors capstone project.
    Award Amount: Up to $1,000 per student per year. Scholarships will be awarded to students in the winter of each year. Scholarship recipients must submit a letter of thanks when requested and as a condition of receiving their scholarship.
    Disbursement of Funds: Students will receive their HEIR scholarship through their financial aid award package. The office of Financial Aid has jurisdiction over how the HEIR scholarship is added to a student's yearly financial aid awards. Students with questions or special requests for disbursement should contact the Office of Financial Aid.

    Questions: <>