Myths & Facts



Students will have a weighted GPA in University Honors.

All courses at UCR are unweighted and graded on a four-point scale.

Honors courses are harder and will negatively impact a student's GPA.

Honors courses are typically smaller than non-honors courses, cover the material with increased depth and complexity, and encourage more engagement with the professors, but are not necessarily more difficult.

Honors requirements will prevent students from graduating on time.

Priority registration and counseling from University Honors Counselors promote timely graduation.

Students automatically receive a scholarship for being in Honors.

Honors students will have opportunities to a variety of Honors scholarships. Always check specific criteria and apply as needed.

University Honors charges a fee for participation.

University Honors does not charge a fee for participation.

University Honors is the same as Latin Honors or an honors society.

University Honors is a program and community that emphasizes scholarship, engagement, and student success. Latin Honors are determined by the colleges. There are numerous honors societies, each on having a separate admission process not administered by University Honors.

University Honors oversees student housing, and students are guaranteed housing.

University Honors offers students the opportunity to live in a living-learning community, but housing is overseen by UCR Housing Services, and students are NOT guaranteed housing or rooming assignments so they should apply as early as possible.

University Honors Counselors advise students on their major requirements.


University Honors Counselors only advise students on Honors-related issues.

University Honors is a college that oversees all undergraduate records.

University Honors is not a college, but a program that provides students with resources and opportunities to maximize their experience at UCR. 

University Honors can provide student records or information to students' parents.

University Honors cannot provide information about a student to any outside entity.