Capstone Project


Students will be required to complete a faculty-led capstone project in order to receive Honors distinction. This can be a research, creative or experiential activity. Students can write a novel, report on lab research, or even create a documentary. The capstone project enables you to take learning outside of the classroom and apply critical thought to the topics you are most passionate about.  Honors offers both course support and mentorship throughout this process. The experience gained through the capstone project can help you get into graduate school or provide you with invaluable experiences that can boost your resume for your intended career. Archived capstones are accessible on eScholarship or in person via Special Collections at Rivera Library. Capstones accessible electronically will be marked as “ONLINE” while those only accessible through Special Collections will be marked as “LIB USE ONLY”. Please be advised that archived capstones will vary and are not necessarily indicative of the average or typical capstone project for any particular discipline. 

Required Capstone Formatted Pages

Please read the instructions found in the "How to Submit & Formatting" bubble above prior to submitting your capstone. When submitting your capstone, you will turn in:

ONLINE through the Wufoo form: (1) electronic proof of your oral presentation (formats accepted explained in instructions); (2) a fillable PDF file (for your capstone title & abstract); and (3) an editable Word document (for your capstone content) that meets the necessary formatting requirements.

IN -PERSON: A hard copy of the fillable PDF (for your capstone title & abstract) signed by your faculty-mentor to the Office Coordinator (Honors office front desk - Skye Hall 381). 

For the ONLINE components, students are required to use the following forms. Once you are ready to submit your capstone, please download the forms to your desktop (Chrome works best), fill out the respective content, and save to your desktop.  You should then upload the files through the Wufoo form. If you have any issues submitting, please contact Kristine Parada at

  1. Mandatory fillable PDF (for your capstone title & abstract). Please download as a PDF, not a Word document, on a PC. Do not download on a MAC.
    Mandatory Fillable PDF Prior to Capstone Content  (if you have one faculty-mentor)
    Mandatory Fillable PDF Prior to Capstone Content  (if you have two faculty-mentors)
  2. Mandatory Editable Word document (for the rest of your capstone content).  Please download as a Word document, not as any other file, on a PC.  Do not download on a MAC.                                                                                                                  
  3. Honors students enrolled in HNPG150 who have secured a capstone idea and faculty-mentor will turn in this form during HNPG150. If an Honors student needs to change his/her capstone idea and/or faculty-mentor after HNPG150, he/she and his/her Faculty-Mentor will need to re-fill this form and re-submit it to the Faculty Director.
    University Honors Capstone Project Proposal Form