Honors offers a variety of courses that offer an enriching opportunity for discussion and engagement with faculty and peers. Honors students will need to complete a specific course requirement to receive their honors distinction based on point of entry. To review your specific course requirements please review the requirements page.

Honors Courses

  • HNPG016 or HNPG017 or HNPG018

    Students engage in close discussion and learning with faculty and peers. Designed to ignite the mind by covering a variety of subjects from an interdisciplinary perspective. May satisfy breadth requirement, check with your academic advisor.

  • RLST012H or ETST012H

    Honors specific course that can satisfy ethnic studies requirement (check with your academic advisor). Students will explore religious myths and rituals in depth.

  • HIST010H or HIST015H or HIST020H

    Honors specific course that can satisfy world history requirement (check with your academic advisor). Students will explore ancient history in depth.

  • HNPG002W

    Focuses on civic engagement with students exploring contemporary issues in society and in the City of Riverside and how to approach them from an interdisciplinary perspective. The course is a Writing Across the Curriculum course that will satisfy the ENGL001C writing requirement. If you are pre-med, contact the Health Professions Advising Center for additional information. Please note that students enrolled in HNPG002W are also required to enroll in the designated ENGL007 workshop section in order to satisfy the ENGL001C requirement.

  • HNPG150

    Structured with workshops aimed at giving students tools and resources to pursue their capstone project. If feasible, it is recommended that students enroll in a section that aligns most closely with their capstone content. Course will emphasize the process of discovery and how to respond to challenges during the discovery process.

  • HNPG199H

    The course is intended to document progress toward completion of faculty mentored capstone project. Course will be graded as “in progress”. Upon capstone completion a grade will be assigned to the course for each of the quarters. Non-completion of Honors capstone will result in the failure of each section. All students are required to take at least four units of HNPG199H regardless of graduation quarter.

  • Elective Courses

    Honors elective courses are Honors versions of pre-existing UCR courses (ex. SOC 001H vs. SOC 001). While in an Honors section students attend lecture with the UCR population enrolled in the course. Discussion section for the course will be strictly Honors and will be led by the faculty of record for the course instead of a teaching assistant. Discussion section enrollment is limited to 15-20 students providing a smaller class size. Honors electives are optional. Students may find a listing of current elective offerings via Current Honors Course Offerings