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University Honors is centralized around getting the most out of your college experience, inside the classroom and out. As part of our commitment to learning, we encourage all honors students to get involved with the various academic opportunities available outside of the classroom. Honors students have an added advantage in getting into scholastic honors societies, finding research positions, & obtaining internships. In collaboration with the Office of Undergraduate Research we also provide support and guidance to prepare qualified students to be competitive in applying for national scholarships, fellowships, and awards. Honors students are encouraged to build their resumes early with research experience, leadership roles, community service, employment, internships, publications, conferences, and volunteer work. Each of these experiences help students to showcase qualities that will open doors.


Develop independent critical thinking and communications skills.

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Undergraduate Research Portal:

UCR Undergraduate Research Programs:


A valuable way to receive experience, college credit, and professional connections.

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Career Center Internships Page:

UCDC & UC Sacramento Academic Internships:

Honors Societies

Benefits of joining vary and may include leadership, community service, scholarship opportunities, etc.

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Association of College Honors Societies:

Highlander Link:

Prestigious Scholarships & Awards

Provide numerous benefits such as graduate funding, enhancement of professional applications, career opportunities, etc.

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Financial Aid Scholarships Page:

National and Prestigious Scholarships: