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Office Hours: The University Honors office will be open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. All University Honors team members will be available remotely (via e-mail) during office hours. As campus updates are ongoing, updates to the policies outlined here will be provided on a quarterly basis. 

  1. Masks must be worn at all times while in the Honors suite. Individuals not wearing a mask will be asked to do so. Individuals who do not follow the University Honors mask policy will be asked to leave the Honors suite.
  2. Effective Monday, October 18, 2021, the Honors common spaces (lounge and study rooms) will reopen for general use. Common space capacity limits will be enforced. The University Honors kitchen will remain closed for use until further notice.
  3.  No food or drink will be permitted in the Honors suite until further notice.
  4. Effective Monday, October 18, 2021, students who are scheduled to conduct business (class, involvement event, or in-person appointment) in the Honors suite will no longer need to wait outside the building until five minutes prior to their scheduled activity before entering the Honors suite to prevent large crowds.

Counseling: All University Honors counseling appointments will continue to take place over Zoom for fall quarter. To view University Honors Counselor availability and schedule an appointment, please use the Student Advising Appointment System.  

  1. When you make an appointment with your counselor on SAAS, you will automatically receive an e-mail with confirmation of your appointment and instructions on how to have your Zoom meeting with your Honors Counselor.
  2. At the date/time of your meeting, you will need to log back into SAAS and follow the instructions provided in the email you received to access your counselor's Zoom link.
  3. Log into your Zoom account that is connected to your UCR e-mail account. Your account should display your correct first and last name (not an alias, nickname, etc.) so that your counselor can confirm your identity as a University Honors student and let you in from the Zoom Waiting Room.
  4. Please note that your counselor may have another appointment prior to yours and could potentially run late. We thank you for your patience as you wait in the virtual "waiting room" to be let in.
  5. If you have questions or concerns about signing up for a 1:1 counseling appointment, please contact your designated Honors Counselor.

Involvement Events: University Honors involvement events will be a combination of remote and in-person events. Students coming to the Honors suite for in-person involvement events should adhere to the guidelines above. In-person events may have limited seating so be sure to check if the event you wish to attend requires an RSVP. 

Capstone Project: All students should continue to work on their capstone projects. All students required to enroll in one unit of HNPG199H should continue to do so. There is no change to this requirement, as HNPG199H is an independent-study course. Students should contact their faculty-mentors to discuss how they will complete the work for their capstone project during fall quarter and beyond. The deadline for students submitting their capstone projects this fall quarter is Thursday of Week 6, at noon. Capstone projects will be submitted through HNPG199H, so please review the instructions on how to submit the capstone project through the HNPG199H eLearn page. For additional information, please access the Faculty Mentor Handbook.