Audeamus Board


Journal submissions now open to all undergraduate students enrolled in any two or four-year undergraduate institution in the United States of America and any graduates with no more than one year since graduation.

Deadline to Submit Extended: April 15, 2022


Audeamus (ow-day-AH-moose)

Audeamus was started in 2007, at UC Riverside, as a multidisciplinary, honors journal for undergraduate students across the University of California (UC) system. The journal started with the belief that students should be able to showcase any work that was of the highest merit, no matter what it was. In 2016, Audeamus published its 10th edition and decided that with its 11th edition, it would become a national journal that would accept submissions beyond the UC system.

The Audeamus journal publishes works of all mediums – from research papers, to artwork and photography, to musical scores – basically anything reproducible on paper. Audeamus is produced by UCR University Honors students of all disciplines and majors; the students do everything from research and advertisement, to journal design and submissions. Flipping through the pages of any issue, you can find an organic chemistry research paper right next to a literary analysis, and just down the table of contents, you might find some photography or a biology paper.

The world is a fairly eclectic place, so why not our journal? That’s what our name means in Latin: Let us dare. Let us dare to publish a journal that is as varied as the world is.