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Capstone Project Information & Forms

Capstone projects are due no later than the following dates:
• Fall (for those submitting this quarter): Thursday of week 6 at 12:00pm (noon)
• Winter (for those submitting this quarter): Thursday of week 6 at 12:00pm (noon)
• Spring (for those submitting this quarter): Thursday of week 6 at 12:00pm (noon) 

Starting with the 2017-2018 academic year, all capstones will be turned in electronically, with the exception of the title page, which will still need to be printed, signed by your faculty mentor, and submitted to the University Honors office. Please click on each link to view further details:

1.) How to Submit Your Capstone & Formatting Instructions (Step-by-step instructions)

2.) Capstone Submission Link 

3.) 2017-2018 Capstone Timeline & Deadlines 

4.) Required Formatted Pages for Your Capstone. Please download the forms and fill out the respective content. The Chrome browser works best for viewing, and you should download the file to your desktop before editing. You are required to use these forms to turn in your capstone. Please do not re-create these files to turn in your capstone, as you will be asked to re-submit your capstone on the correct form. If you cannot use the forms for any reason, please contact Kristine Parada at

5.) Capstone Samples: Samples are either accessible online at escholarship or in person via Special Collections at the Rivera Library.  You can access both at this website.  Those that are accessible online will be marked as "ONLINE" and those you will need to access through Special Collections will be marked as "LIB USE ONLY." If you would like to sort through only the online capstones by subject matter, you can access (be sure you click on "This dept" in the search bar so it only searches for Honors capstones).

Please disregard any differences in formatting in the capstone projects, as current students will be required to follow the new formatting standards as outlined in the "How to Submit Your Capstone & Formatting Instructions" document. Please note that the length, breadth, and depth of previous capstones vary based on the nature of the project and the oversight of the faculty-mentor for that project, and they are not necessarily indicative of the average or typical capstone project for any particular discipline.

6.) Faculty-Mentor Handbook (with Student notes): General capstone guide and resource for faculty-mentors with helpful student notes.

Faculty-Mentor Handbook (without Student notes): Same as above with student notes removed (if needed for faculty-mentors who do not need to view student notes). 

7.) University Honors Capstone Project Proposal Form: Honors students enrolled in HNPG150 or HNPG151 who have secured a capstone idea and faculty-mentor will turn in this form during HNPG150 or HNPG151.  If an Honors student needs to change his/her capstone idea and/or faculty-mentor after HNPG151, he/she and his/her Faculty-Mentor will need to re-fill this form and re-submit it to the Faculty Director. 

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